Spot the PLEIADES in the spring sky

Image of Pleiades and Mars featured in the Old Farmers Almanac online blog and social media accounts.

The Instagrammer’s Guide to Fabulous National Parks

Featured Night sky image from Acadia National Park’s coastline.


Yosemite and Wildfire Smoke

The smoke from the wildfires still lingers inside the Yosemite Valley with occasional fires starting in the middle of the night. The smoky valley gets lit up with sun rays during sunset creating a nice contrast of shadows and lights.


Supermoon Jan 2018

I went out to witness the first full moon of the new year and it was a soothing sight. It was the first moonrise I have shot in 3 years of photography practice.


Geminids 2017

I was out there for 3 hours and I lost a count of how many meteors I might have seen. Sometimes there was a burst. The absence of the moon allowed even the faintest of the meteors to be visible. The battle against 30 kph winds and freezing temperatures was worth it!